Connect with 700 Years

of Time and Stories

“Time is a good storyteller.”

– Irish proverb

“Is maith an scéalaí an aimsir”

– Seanfhocail

Discover how time CAN tell. Book your 50 to 60 minute tour of this historic living tribute to the changing character of Youghal – and put yourself right in the centre of another place in time.

Reflecting 700 years of history, this fascinating and iconic building is so much more than its four walls. It has overseen the political, economic and social changes that have shaped Youghal today.

Here, time tells of bustling medieval market trade life, darker days of prisoners & pirates along with poignant family stories – all having the Clock Gate Tower at their heart. It talks of love and rebellion, friendship and fear, ritual and riches. It talks of maritime life, the cruelty of a 1700 gaol, the 1798 fight for freedom and Europe at war. Most of all, time tells of the strength of people, the spirit of community and family that has emerged through the ticking of time.


Your journey through time will be led by an expert guide as you are fully immersed in a sensory, history-in-action tour.

Prepare to…

See, smell, touch and hear of life in days past.

See for yourself exactly how the clock works and hear it in action.

Spend time talking with the fascinating John McGrath, whose family were clock-keepers here for generations.