Exploring Slob Bank

Can you think of a better companion to guide you on a walking adventure in Youghal than your faithful four-legged friend! Us neither! So, here’s what sweet Golden Retriever, Ollie, has to say about one of his favourite walks in Youghal!

Introducing myself

Hi there, my name is Ollie and I’m a Golden Retriever living in Youghal. Though I say so myself I have a nose for a great walk, and I travel close to the ground, so I know what I’m talking about!

A dog’s dream amble

 One of my very favourite walks in Youghal is The Slob Bank. It’s a raised waterside walkway that stretches for 3 km out along the Estuary of the Blackwater River on the northern end of Town. And take it from me – it’s a dog’s dream amble! It’s tender underfoot and there is simply LOADS going on at my height – so it always gets my tail wagging.

What gets my tail wagging

As a walk, on my left and facing out of town is marshland, which is fed and watered twice a day by the rising tides and is home to so much bird life.  My favourite is the Egret – wow it is so white – and you might see the Little Grebe with her family pootling along the lakes on the marsh. I’ve also heard there’s a Kingfisher hiding sneakily far out on the marsh. One day I’ll spot him!

 At low tide, if I look downwards to the shore, I can usually spot lots of Redshanks, Oystercatchers and Turnstones. It’s a wonderful sight to see our feathered friends busy dancing about, getting on with their day’s activities. It makes me feel that all is well with the world! Of course, my human is always impressed with how well-behaved I am when we meet other canine friends along the way. She’s very proud of me!

Some ‘two-legged history’ worth exploring

My human also tells me there’s lots of ‘two-legged history’ on this walk. For example, the brick work on the side of this raised slob bank was made by many local men as part of the famine relief works back in the mid-1800s. I’m no expert, but my human says the symmetry and precision of this work is amazing and very much worth looking at. I always stop and have a good sniff anyway!

Special treats are always welcome!

Sometimes we take a picnic on our walk which is always good fun – there are benches towards the turnaround point where we stop and tuck in. With all the adventures along the way I’m usually ready for a rest, some special treats and a good long drink of water.

Leave nothing behind but paw/footprints

Like every walk in the great outdoors, we’re careful to “leave nothing behind but paw/footprints.”  So, before we set out on our walk, we call in to the nice folk at Youghal Town Hall and pick up some poop bags. They’re free – so no excuses!

I hope you enjoy your walk at Slob Bank as much as I do!  

PS. Did I mention that Youghal Slob Bank, with its rich diversity of animal and plant habitats, is recognised as an Area of Special Conservation?