Here, Time Tells Its Own Story!

The magnificent Youghal Clock Gate Tower reflects 700 years of history and has witnessed political, economic and social changes that have shaped the Youghal of today. Led by an informed and engaging guide, you’re invited to tour this iconic, 5-storey building and explore its past in a fascinating, interactive and personal way. There’s also a bonus at the end of the tour with the chance to experience a magnificent 360-degree view of Youghal Bay and town from the top of the Tower.

Take A Tour Through Time

Through story, costume, audio-visual displays, exhibits and important historical artefacts, you’ll travel through the Youghal Clock Gate Tower’s different life stages – from its bustling medieval market trade life to darker days of prisoners and pirates along with poignant family stories.

Tour Highlights

Enjoy being fully immersed in a sensory, history-in-action tour as the Tower shares its tales of love and rebellion, freedom and fear, ritual and riches:

  • Learn about the town’s maritime life and the bustling trade of days long gone – brought to life through colour, textures, visuals and sounds that place you right in the moment.
  • Understand the Tower’s grim past as an 18th-century gaol – from the cold, dank misery of the cells to fascinating written accounts of the gaoler.
  • Step back to the days of the 1798 Irish Rebellion as well as Europe at war.
  • See for yourself how the clock works and hear it in action.
  • Talk with John McGrath, whose family were clock-keepers here for generations.
  • Understand the strength of the people of Youghal and the spirit of community that has grown through the years.
  • Take in the magnificent 360-degree view of Youghal Bay from the top of the Tower.

Tour Times


11:00 – 16:00

Thurs – Sat


11:00 – 16:00

Tues – Sat


11:00 – 16:00

Thurs – Sat

Nov – Mar

By Appointment

*Group tours for up to 12 people are available. Discount applies to a minimum of 10 people.

*Private evening tours are available

*Tour: 50 minutes

Tour Tickets


€ 9.50

Child (6-12yrs)

€ 5.00


€ 7.50


(2 Adults and up to 3 children)

€ 25.00