Nothing Rejuvenates Like Beach Life

Perhaps it’s that feeling of freedom and sheer fun: salt on our skin, sand in our toes and happiness in our hearts. Whether you’re playing games with the kids or enjoying the waves – you just feel better! Youghal is shoreside paradise – with four fabulous beaches to choose from, each with their own special magic.

Youghal is proud of its three Blue Flag Beaches. So, you know you can count on the best water quality and safety.

Redbarn Blue Flag Beach

Walk along the shore from Claycastle Beach and you’ll reach this beautiful stretch of sand, pebble and shell that’s perfect for swimming, walking and beach fun. On a different note, the ornithological and botanical splendour of Ballyvergan Marsh is a close-by treat.

Front Strand Beach and Claycastle Blue Flag Beaches

These two beauties are located side-by-side and are just a stroll away from Youghal town. Elevated and sheltered, Front Strand Beach with its pretty promenade has soft, white sand and is perfect for paddling, sand-castle-building and picnics.

With its glorious expanse of sand, Claycastle Beach is a top choice for running, walking, ball games and shoreline swimming. Beach amenities include a large car park and a lifeguard on duty during the bathing season.

The Mall Beach

The Mall Beach is quite unique in that is located in the centre of town. The traditional bathing area of Mall Beach is nestled between Youghal Visitor Centre and Youghal Town Hall on The Mall. It is a small, traditional beach with the sandiest of sand. Toddlers love it and they can never stray too far from view.

Youghal Eco Boardwalk

This beautiful 1.9km wood-panelled walkway is Ireland’s longest seafront boardwalk – stretching from Front Strand Beach to Redbarn Beach. It’s the ideal place to get your daily constitutional walk, breathing in lungs full of fresh sea air and stopping for coffee en route. The Boardwalk is accessible to everyone.