Celebrate Samhain in The Haunting Town of Youghal!

Join us on the 31st October and 1st November for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Halloween. We ARE Halloween centre – home of this ancient Celtic Festival.

One of the Celtic Fire Festivals, Samhain (pronounced ‘sah-win’) marks the the end of the Summer and welcomes Winter – a time rich in meaning and myths.

Designed by modern-day practising witches for those participants seeking a more magical and authentic celebration, this festival offers a unique and blended experience encompassing serious contemplation, fun and spookiness.

Interesting Fact: Youghal is one of only four towns in Ireland with the history of a witchcraft trial.

Festival Highlights:

  • On the hauntingly beautiful Mall Beach, witness a captivating ritual performed by practitioners of the ancient arts, blending old traditions with the new.
  • Dive into the supernatural realm with magical workshops and engaging talks – a must for all ages.
  • Join the Grim Reaper as he leads an ethereal parade through the town.
  • Explore the “Puca Gallery” and meet the spirits of the canvas.

  • Who killed Florence Newton, the Witch of Youghal? Follow the evidence as we delve into the trial transcripts.
  • In a beautiful reunion, “An Bhean Uisce” walks amongst her beloved witches as we listen to her story.
  • “The Otherworld” – an event not to be missed as Youghal undergoes a transformation…where the characters of myths and legends step from the pages of folklore.