Explore the Beauty of the River

With its world of wildlife, breathtaking beauty and easy-accessibility, the Blackwater River is made for boating adventures. Offering ICU-approved canoes and kayaks along with experienced guides, Blackwater Boating is your gateway to it all.  

Guide-led half day tours allow you canoe your way from Cappoquin (just a 30-minute drive from Youghal) to Youghal. There’s no better way to explore the real power and beauty of the River, while you can also choose to finish your journey at one of the many historic houses and gardens en route.

Alternatively, you can opt for a full day tour – which is led by you and planned together with an instructor. You’ll go from Ballyduff to Tourin House or Youghal Bridge, finishing at Cappoquin – choosing the pace and focus you want. You can enjoy a leisurely paddle experiencing the fascinating history of the river or spot the abundant wildlife to which the Blackwater is home. Picnic on the riverbank as the salmon jump, or simply embrace the sheer fun of river kayaking.