Celebrate Inspiring Irish Images and Movie Magic

The magic of movies, and the imagination of photography at its finest – it inspires, thrills and moves us all.

The newly-opened Youghal Film and Photography Museum is a homage to the world of Irish image and moving pictures, and whether you’re a film history buff, a keen photographer or just love the way film captures a moment in time – don’t miss this one!

The Museum is the perfect way to spend time exploring Irish film history, animation, and the broader artistic landscape. There’s so much to discover, including the fascinating work of the innovative Horgan Brothers – Ireland’s first indigenous filmmakers and animators. Get a first-hand understanding of their groundbreaking stop-motion animation for Youghal’s iconic Clock Gate Tower.

And of course, you’ll find out more about our town’s historical connection to film and its evolution over time – including John Huston’s Moby Dick (1954) and Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon (1973).

From a 19th-century miniature nine-lens camera to a vintage magic lantern, the Museum is your portal to a fascinating bygone era.